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Why Aren't You Watching HBO's "The Outsider"?

HBO’s The Outsider, will leave you staring at your coat hanger like it’s your childhood boogeyman just waiting to jump. It’ll also leave you happy that you won’t be able to correctly guess where the show is going. It’s not as predictable as people may think, but you’ll enjoy the ride, should you choose to take it. It’s a roller coaster of emotions played out by some brilliant actors.

This show is based on the best selling novel by Stephen King, which I have not read. I know! I know! Listen, not reading this novel means I’m coming at this with fresh eyes and I say it’s not as predictable as people may think, because it offers more than just a weird boogeyman lurking about.

There’s a refreshingly unfiltered character who lands somewhere on the spectrum, who I think has a little bit of SHINE in her…get it? If you don’t, I suggest you check out Stephen King’s IMDB and just start there.

This show also offers a cool dad, who might have been cloned and then eats someone, as well as, a detective who puts his life on the line then eats up all his free time trying to answer the unanswerable. What else could you want out of a tv show based on a Stephen King book, besides red balloons and buckets of blood falling on people’s heads!? Technically, this could still happen because we’re only five episodes in out of 10 baby!

By the way, that obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) character who speaks without a filter is nominated for an Oscar this year for her lead role in Harriet, Cynthia Erivo. No big deal. I mean, I’m also not running to the remote to try to watch any Oscar worthy performances. Who needs em,’ right? Also, Emmy winners, like Jason Bateman who directed a couple of these episodes. Let’s move onto my emoji scale, shall we?

This is where I rate the show based on five emojis of my choosing. I give HBO’s The Outsider one of these 👹, because he’s creepy. One of these 😱 faces, because there’s a point where Jason Bateman looks like he just feasted on a thigh bone and I just can’t!

Next, I give this 🕵🏿‍♀️, for the most intriguing detective work I have ever seen in a show. Also, one of these 🧬, because there’s some weird cloning happening and finally one of these 🎈, because it will forever and always represent Stephen King to me.

Wow, you made it! I’LL STOP WRITING NOW, you go watch The Outsider and let me know what you think with those emojis! Sure, yeah, fine, words are all groovy too, but not like emojis though, ya feel me?

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