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Why Aren't You Watching Amazon Prime's "The Boys"?

Vigilantes destroying superheroes, alongside badass women kicking lots of bad people in their junk? I’m in! Why aren’t you watching Amazon Prime’s The Boys?

These superheroes, aka THE SEVEN, are not the God chosen kind, they’re the man made, narcissistic kind with bouts of evil, who get away with almost everything…until the boys come back to town. Along with newbie hero and Goody two shoes Starlight (Erin Moriarty)

Credit: Amazon Prime

At the very top of this show, Nerd alert Hughie (Jack Quaid) ends up with the boys to avenge his girlfriend’s death, who A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) murdered, by just running through which leads us to investigate the underbelly of what makes up The Seven, who may not be so super after all.

There’s explosions, cool stunts, and a nod to a lot of DC and Marvel characters, including Homelander (Antony Starr) nodding to Captain America, The Deep (Chase Crawford) giving us a taste of Aquaman, Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) giving us a spice of Wonder Woman, Starlight lighting it up like Aurora and A-Train just being super duper fast like The Flash.

But wait, do you not care about superhero jargon, and just care about a good story? Well you’re in luck, because this show is written with comedy sprinkled throughout real life chaos. Also, a brain explodes at one point and I think that stuff is super cool. K.

Let’s move onto rating this show on my emoji scale shall we? I give Amazon Prime’s THE BOYS… dun dun dun…

One of these 🤟 because it’ll rock your socks off

One of these 🤰🏼because there’s some surprise babies in here

One of these 🧨, because bombs make their way around this show in a really explosive way

One of these 🎇 because there’s a part in this where you feel like you’re watching a super rad fight, while also watching a firework show.

And finally, one of these 💉 because there’s a secret potion that really EFFS up a lot of people in this, but also provides for a massive amount of entertainment. BUT DON’T DO DRUGS PEOPLE! Just let the TV stars do it!

Cool, we made it! I end my rant and you go watch Amazon Prime’s The Boys. I’ll have another choice pick for you next week, so get watching and get prepared for more chaos!

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