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When you Discover what a Badass Your Mom was...

Celebrating Christmas without the two (My mom & Mi Abuelita) who raised me has always been odd. These past couple of years I’ve spent Christmas with my aunt who has lost the same two people and understands the feeling, as well as, remembers the joyful memories. We spread my Moms ashes last year in the ocean and now we sail over them this year. My mom surrounded herself with WYLAND art 😂 and adored the ocean, so when I am near the ocean, I’d like to think I’m near my mom.

During this Christmas, I learned quite an amazing fact that I was unaware of when it came to my mom and I figured I would share it with my idiot army.

A little bit about my mom ... I always knew she was the head of her engineering team at her work until her MS took over in 2003 and she had to stop working. She was extremely depressed when that happened, because she loved her work very deeply. Although that didn’t stop her from finding happiness in what life gave her, it still stung that her body kept her from her love ... of math and building pipelines for city of LV. Nerd alert.

Now let’s skip to the present where my aunt chats up a cruise guest next to us at Cruise Bingo. The lady next to us informs us she finally passed her 3rd try of the PE test in engineering right before this trip. My aunt said “Oh yeah I remember how hard my sister studied for that and was ecstatic when she passed it”

The woman said, “Yeah there are very few female Professional Engineers in the US.” A PE license is the highest standard of competence for a professional engineer.

As I was sitting there I wondered how in the hell didn’t I know that about my mom!?!? I mean that’s pretty freaking cool.

I then looked up and thought, “Damn, I knew you were a badass, but I didn’t know how much. Merry Christmas Mom.”

Go find out something cool about the family/friends that I’m sure is getting on your nerves at this very moment and just be grateful they’re still around to annoy you.

Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR #IdiotArmy. I love you. ❤️😘💕 #SpreadHugsLoveAndLaughter

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