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When They're Not Around To See You Shine

You’ve been on my mind a lot mom and I wish you could come see the show I wrote! I can hear you saying “I’m gonna come to all five shows, cuz I’m your #1 fan... but I wanna go whale watching OKAY PUNKY!?” All whilst knowing she’d have to find a mobility vehicle to come down here, a hotel that would fit her scooter and a nurse to keep her badass alive 🤦🏻‍♀️. She did it once and my director gave her a humpback whale painting for all her efforts 😂 🐋, which hung above her bed for years. Twas her trophy for being a #1 mom even while her body was working against her.

This show has taken a lot of time, heart and courage. You gave me the best of your time, all of your love and showed me truly, what courage looks like. I swear, I just have to think of you when I’m scared shitless and then I remember I’ve been prepared for all of this by an extraordinary woman. So, even when you’re not here, #ThisIdiot will make sure she doesn’t barf backstage or forget her lines... I’ve got Adriana’s blood coursing through my veins and that 👏🏻queen👏🏻always👏🏻prevailed👏🏻 Thanks, Mom. ❤️You. Say hi to mi abuelita and save the yellow Chinese checkers for me.

Ps. Happy early #MothersDay to all the moms out there who do the same for all their little punkys 😘❤️♥️💜

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