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When dreams get you down... Just keep puttin in the time

To believe in this living (as an artist, creator, actor, whatever) is a hard way to go .. quarantined or not. Most days I’m good about reminding myself to just put the work in, forget about it, stay creative and it’ll pay off... eventually. Yesterday was not one of those days.

I caught myself in the loop of comparing my talents to others and how many more accolades others may get and more opportunities and more attention and so does that mean that deep down I SUCK!?

Yep, the old loop of self hatred played for a little bit longer than needed and no matter how much thought power you use, those sessions never turn out to be productive. They’re always a shit storm that you’ll have to work on forgetting the next day.

Most of the time I wake up going, “You’re pretty okay kid. Just keep your head down and keep working.” But sometimes you may find that you’ll need to work a little harder on forgetting those bad stories in your head you tell yourself about your worth. To that, I say do it with everything you’ve got left. You are the only one of you, so don’t convince yourself you’re not talented, or pretty or smart enough to let all the things that make you, YOU .. shine like a mother-effer.

You’ve only got one life and you’ll be surrounded on all sides by people that are better than you, in different ways, your entire life. There will be people who make it to where you want to make it, but rather than letting it eat you up inside, roll with the punches. You’ll come out stronger than the rest and when your time comes, you’ll know you’ve been the definition of someone who’s put in the time.

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