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What "FLEABAG" Taught Me About Being Alone

You guys, I relate to #Fleabag so hard! Season 2, ep 6 ... oh snap.


Like, I also want someone to tell me what to wear in the morning, what to eat and what Netflix shows to watch. It’s silly because most people who have that probably find it annoying and dull, which is understandable, but with that I’ve realized I know a lot of people who have never experienced what it’s like to be alone. They’ve gone from parents, to dorms, to a relationship, with very little choices that they’ve been forced to make alone. I’m guilty of looking at them with envy and thinking, “Shit, they wake up everyday to someone who says, “Good morning muffin of my life (😳🧐)“, which must be lovely and fulfilling but also save a lot of time. My whole mirror routine of “You’re cool, funny, bold, can be sexy when wearing the right bra, smart etc” takes up a good 5 minutes of my time. Point being, they have a partner to go to a movie with, to cook for and to share a laugh. A partner to share their life and their darkest times with. Lately, I’ve caught myself wondering how cool that is, but also wondering how can they possibly know how grateful to be, for the partner that stands next to them, if they’ve never stood alone? If they’ve never sat and yearned for someone’s hand to hold, someone to share their coffee with or someone to kiss goodnight, how could they know how fortunate they are to have someone who’s always had their back? Don’t get me wrong, most people know, but today it struck me that I know some who don’t. I get it, you’ve been looking at the same face for years and heard the same laugh every day. Life certainly has its moments of mediocrity, when it all feels less exciting and you forget why you’re even here. In those moments, I urge you to remember, if you have someone to share those insignificant times with, just be thankful you’re taking this journey with someone you can call your home. Tell your partner they’re wonderful and brilliant and make it your goal to see them smile. There’s a person sharing their life with you, which quite literally, makes them the most compelling of them all.

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