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The Strength You Find in The Most Trying Times

There are going to be people who don’t act like themselves. There are going to be people who’s dark sides come out. There are going to be people who will lose touch and feel even more isolated than they already had, even before little cunt covid came into town. There are going to be unexpected people who become the most popular person on Zoom and they will never let you forget it. There are going to be people who get more creative, less creative, cry all day, sleep all day, watch movies all day or stay on facetime all day. There are going to be people you thought you knew and now you really know, for better or worse. There are going to be people you thought you’d hear from and never do and also people you’ll hear from a shit ton. There are going to be really shitty times where you’d like to just have a lie down in the shower for a while. There’s going to be moments where even though you have free time, you may feel guilty about how you’re not spending it learning piano, because you rewatched BIG and you’d like to play “Chopsticks” on a big floor piano should the world turn back to normal and you’re given a moment to shine. There’s going to be days you never leave your couch. There’s going to be days you simply yell “Fuck!”...A lot… and that’s okay. It’s all okay.

It’s the strength we find when life is its most trying that defines who we are. These are hard, weird times and not everyone will take it in stride, but we can all do our best to help everyone try. Let this time define who we are, but with a cherry on top. We can come out of this with laughs, memories and a little thing called elegance. Should you not remember elegance, you have plenty of time now to learn and practice it. One simple way is to just say please and thank you to everyone serving you out in the world during these days. Start your refinement now and by the time we make it out of this you’ll be able to thank Covid 19 for your outstanding poise.

Yes, there’s chaos, but within it, there’s loads of grace. We just have to remember to access it.

And as always, spread (Virtual) hugs, love and laughter.

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