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The Moment You Choose Self Love

That moment you realize, even AFTER 5 great performances, that 👉every word you wrote in your own play is the cold hard truth. And it’s really great! 👀Then you realize, you actually know when to walk away now. THEN you realize, you have arrived at a place of choosing self love over fear. And THEN you see that if you hadn’t spent so much time, sweat and tears creating what you did you never would have seen... That even though the two people who raised you are gone, your career isn’t exactly where you’d hope and you’re more of a lone soldier than you’d like to be, you wrote and made something that people CAN RELATE TO! And aint that the whole point of creation? That thing that highlights we are all in this together ❤️ I have settled knowing My mom and mi abuelita would be proud. One day maybe I’ll have a family that can be proud, but for now I know I was given the tools to be that lone soldier who can be proud enough for themselves. “Alexa, Turn Off Heartbreak” made me more of a badass. It was my heart and soul thrown on some pages for everyone to see and that, in the end, has saved me from further detriment. THEN FINALLY I’ve realized 😳Shit girl, you grown AF.

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