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Shoulders are Meant to Be Cried On

I wrote a fabulous show with an amazing friend about Heartbreak, which, KA-ZING, I’m currently experiencing now ... I’m glad i was able to walk away from a situation that was unhealthy and I’m glad I was able to write & share an experience with people and find the laughter within it. We are one big family who’s hearts have all been broken at one time or another.

If you find that you are a person who’s warm and kind and loveable, surround yourself with just that. No matter your circumstance always bring others up, not down and never compromise on your worth.

This heartache is more sadness that I got myself into a situation I should have walked away from a lot sooner, and less about matters of the heart. But either way, ache is ache and for your info, I’ve got dry shoulders ready and waiting for your little heads when ya need em.

One day at a time #IdiotArmy ❤️💜♥️ And remember to use the friends around you. Shoulders are meant to be cried on, use em up.

Spread hugs, love and laughter ♥️ #ThisIdiot

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