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10 Things You Need to Know Before You Go To Disneyland

Disneyland is indeed a magical place, but if you’re not prepared to take on the day, should it start raining while you’re waiting in line for The Haunted Mansion, you can find your magical headspace slowly slipping away and that, my friends, is not the Walt Disney Way. I’m just going to allow us some time to both revel in that sweet rhyme I started us off with.

Thank you for the applause, please sit and let’s get prepping!


1. Bring your own water and snacks! Wouldn’t you rather put that $7 towards a Goofy hat than a bottle of water? I thought so! There’s also nothing like snacking out the wait in a long line. I recommend baby carrots, sliced oranges and peanut butter pretzels. That way, when you go ham on 13 churros later, you won’t have to feel bad because your snacks were pretty healthy. Also, many meltdowns can be avoided with snack bribes. There are also water stations specifically for water bottles that make refilling your super eco-friendly, neon water bottle with your company logo on it, super easy. Saving the environment while engraining your brand at Disneyland? Tax write off!

2. Get the Disney Max Pass! This allows you to snag your fast passes for your favorite rides from your phone! No more sending Chad on a trek with all your tickets to snag everyone a Space Mountain Fast Pass. Download the Disneyland app, add your ticket, then buy a $15 Max Pass. Max Pass is good for both parks per person. They also make it super easy to form a family Max Pass, so all your tickets are in one place. That way Chad can be in charge of all the tickets on his phone and not have to wear out his new Nike’s.

3. Bring hand wipes! There’s nothing like being able to freshen up without having to trek it to a bathroom. Washing your hands keeps you healthy and the last thing you want is a cold from that kid coughing all over the handrails. Also, Chad probably has nacho cheese on his face and a dry napkin just won’t cut it.

4. Bring a portable phone charger and a USB cord. Do you plan on cultivating your artsy side by taking pictures with every Disney character? Want to play some of the group games they have on the Disney app to make waiting in line less dreary? Want to text Chad that his fly is down? Then you’re going to need more battery life. HOT TIP: Put your phone in airplane mode when you’re close to getting on the ride. This will save your battery from searching for a signal in a dead zone.

5. Bring a Poncho! You don’t want to end up having to ask around if they sell underwear in the shops. Splash Mountain will get you pretty soaked and unless its 100 degrees out, you’ll waste time trying to dry your shirt with the bathroom hand dryer. If you forget a poncho, they do sell underwear and socks in the shops... I’ve been there.

6. Bring spray on sunscreen and a hat. There’s a lot of lines that are directly in the sun and if you want to look 21 forever then you’ll need to protect yourself from those UV rays. Also, it’s much easier and quicker to spray a kid down with sunscreen, than try to lather them up. I recommend Banana Boat Kids Max Spray. It’s got that island smell!

7. Pack a sweater. California weather can go from 85 during the day and drop to 59 degrees once the sun takes its leave. Some of you may think 59 degrees is perfect, but for some of us, being cold can ruin a magical day. Stay cozy, with a hot chocolate and your favorite sweater, while you enjoy the Magical Light Up Parade.

8. Make your reservations for the amazing Blue Bayou restaurant, set alongside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, right NOW, like while you’re reading this. You can also reserve your spot at the new Star Wars Bar online. Don’t be that group who’s standing on the outskirts looking in on all the cool people who made reservations. Snag your spot and enjoy some unique dining or themed cocktails to top off a magical day.

9. Bring a pain reliever and Tums! If your kid isn’t having a meltdown, someone else’s is, which could lead to a splitting headache. Also, those 2 lollipops and full bag of cheese popcorn could lead to some indigestion. Don’t be the one crop- dusting everyone in line. Your mom raised you better than that.

10. Wear broken in shoes with insoles. For those blisters that may form, bring some Band-Aids just in case. I’ve walked over 19 miles on a Disney Day, so be sure to take care of your feet while your Health App freaks out at how many steps you’ve taken. Also, Chad will probably need a Band-Aid at some point, because, it’s Chad.

Enjoy a full day and night, while everyone else who didn’t read this blog slowly loses steam while you ride Indiana Jones for the 3rd time. 

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