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No Feeling is Final

Hello 2020 ... No 👏🏻feeling 👏🏻is 👏🏻FINAL ♥️. Without the pain, you have no gauge for joy. It is all a part of life and life is, albeit hard to find sometimes, beautiful. Whether it’s a beauty like the ever so royal and perfect Prince Harry & Meghan ❤️🤮🙆🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️😅 (they’re too perfect sometimes) or the non royal, chaotic beauty of your fears, dreams and tears... it is still beauty, in its own way. The bombshell and chaos that you are deserves all the things, even though you may not feel it. Even if you view yourself or your life to be far away from what is conventionally conceived as beautiful, there is always, an underlying rainbow.


Sure, I’d love for you to skip all the bullshit in life that comes along and get straight to the gold that a silly little leprechaun holds, but that’s not real life. With life, comes living and with living comes beauty and with beauty comes fright. A contrast that guarantees excitement and reminds you that life is unpredictable, but completely worth the gamble. Every single day.

Should you ever, one day, feel like you don’t wanna take the gamble, please call on me or a loved one. I will hold your hand, feed you chocolate, put in you in Pjs and remind you that your presence is always, without a doubt, worth the gamble. You don’t have to let life happen to you alone. There are more people than you know, who are willing to give you a hand, hug or shoulder to use to help bring you back to home base. It may take a minute to get there, but we’ve all done our own versions of healing. This makes us all a perfect bandaids for you to use, as your heart seems fit.

Please ask for more help in 2020 and I promise you, people will surprise you and step up to the plate.

You are loved. Just keep going.

In memory of Jessie - I will always be at your home plate whenever you need me. Much to my chagrin I’ve gotten really used to talking to those of you up above. ❤️

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