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My Kid's Book- Drew The Lonely Dragon

Hey guys!

My kid's book is finally finished, and the website is up!

I have been spending countless days and hours searching for an agency to get a good publisher, and in being brand new at this, I have made a lot of calls. I had no idea that 5,000 books are self-published every day, so no matter what many will get lost along the way,.

As of now, I'm choosing the self-publishing route so I can get it out by Christmas and will rely on selling the book myself and posting it to amazon. I may pay to get distribution, but if someone distributes it, they'll do the printing, and because the cost of making the book, plus distribution, plus shipping, leaves me with .49 per sale if I charge $20 per book... which is hardback kids book 8.5 x 8.5. LOL. Isn't that crazy? Nonetheless, I didn't write this with a focus on the money. I wrote it as a dedication to my mom and as a tool for kids out there who have lost someone.

It's a kid's book that deals with grief but still takes you on an adventure. Through an unlikely friendship with a princess, Drew finds that love can still be found even in loss.

You'll be the first to know once it's ready to be shipped after I pay a butt load of money to get a bunch printed. :)

I didn't expect a lot of my time to end up in kids' book land, but that's where I'm at right now. You'll get more videos soon, I promise. Right now, I'm juggling this with prepping to shoot a short film this Saturday that I'm directing and starring in. I'm also trying to balance other side hustles to pay the bills.

Being a creator is being in a constant state of clawing and scratching your way through the weeds to make it out alive on the other side. It's not easy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. To be is to create... corny, but holds for me.

Constant rejection will be ever-present in this life I've chosen, but it will only make me better.

Thanks for your support, Idiot army! Kids book coming soon!

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