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Music Ties Us Together

This memory popped up today and makes me miss lots of things ❤️🤘🏼and also makes me grateful for what I have People always ask me "How was it growing up in Vegas?" And I'd always tell em, "Just like any other town, except I got to see a lot of concerts with my mom" And as I kept looking at the girl and her mom in front of me, sharing smiles and laughs and hugs during their favorite #DixieChicks songs, my thoughts returned to those concerts with mom. As tears streamed down my face, I looked up and just thought "Thanks Mom for introducing me to #Boston live when I was 10, as well as, whole heartedly loving the #DixieChicks alongside me & taking me to their packed concerts from 12 on. Not to mention #earthwindandfire, #chakakhan , #elo, #journey, #amygrant ...the list goes on. Now, even though you are no longer here and I can no longer chair dance beside you, certain artists will always be tied to us and their songs tied to our bond. You gave me the experience of live music more times than I can remember and if I have the chance to carry that on as I see here in front of me, I will and I'll have you to thank for that." Keep it alive up there Ma, I love you. Love, your punky

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