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It Is All For Something

There are times you must fight for what you want in this business and you must pick and choose those times. Choose vulnerability over pride and acquiesce to the fact it may all go to shit. If it does, there’s still booze and ice cream, but it you get a win, be grateful you fought hard enough for your talent to be recognized. There are people just as good as you all over the world, but you’re the one who decided to make your talent a career, for better or worse.

You’re the one who chooses to accept all the rejection and focus on the hard work. You choose to have less time for those around you because you’ve buckled into the sacrifice you knew you’d have to make. You choose your dream because if you didn’t it would break you.

So fuck em, if it doesn’t go your way. Just keep your head down and keep working. Hard work gets noticed by the right people although it may not be quick. The feeling of validation may be fleeting, but what you do is not for nothing. So just keep doing it and keep that smile on your face, because you have so many who want to see you succeed. Also, grow some coat tails while you’re at it, so you can bring up a community along with you in the end, because IT IS ALL FOR SOMETHING ... even though some days that may be very hard to see. #SpreadHugsLoveAndLaughter

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