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In Times of Trouble

When I think of how uncertain all of our futures look due to little cunt #Covid19, I think of how my mom lived through years of uncertainty and somehow still managed to keep a smile on her face. I keep thinking, "How did she do it?" and I keep wondering, "What can I take away from how she lived, right now?"

She said often, "Punky, we must must be grateful for the things we have and the less we crave the luxuries we haven't."

We all see that our "luxuries" are being taken away, day by day, with no money coming in and still the same amount of bills to pay. Everyone is feeling the slow slip into a panicked ongoing state of stress and to you I say, "We must take this one day at a time and love those you cannot see. Send them love virtually." We cannot predict the future, but we can predict how our heart chooses to love in times like these.

I remember when my mom was a day away from going into hospice with her body slowly shutting down and she simply said, "You're gonna be okay Punky, I'll always be here with you. This may take my body, but it will not take my love." Then she smiled and asked for her Crossword Puzzle book. I remember sitting there slipping into a slow downward spiral of the same types of feelings that have been overcoming me now.

Today, I decided to smile at all of these feelings and say, "We're gonna be okay. We are all here for each other and this little cunt #Covid may take away our ability to be physically present, but it cannot take our love away."

In times of trouble it is the love you share with each other that keeps us all going. It is the importance of being able to listen to someone who may need to be heard. It is the difference between letting this crap consume you and letting it know we are aware, but we do not plan to let it win.

Go fuck yourself #Covid19. We out Heeeerrrrrrrr and we will continue to smile in the face of uncertainty and spread virtual hugs, love and laughter.

I'm glad you're swimming with the whales now mom and probably fighting with Mi Abuelita over cheating in Chinese Checkers. Tell her I make beans and chili almost every day now and I'm thinking of you everyday. I'm glad you are not here to experience this and I know you're shining your light down upon me. Thank you for that.

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