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I Will Be Your Beacon

Even though we did have to let go, I know these words still ring true today, 2 years later. You’re forever with me and I could see you smiling next to me today, as I sat down to my second movie in the theater. I remembered times of us cursing God for not knowing there needed to be AT LEAST 3 new movies released per weekend, otherwise HOW WOULD WE PROPERLY SPEND OUR WEEKEND!?!? 2 was simply not enough. The cinema was our saving grace and it still remains mine to this day.

I read this today and remembered that I will continue to flourish, because I know you’d have it no other way.

So I’ll remain here, with your light always within me and shall continue to let it shine. The world needs reminders of the woman who was, Adriana Erickson. I will be that beacon and continue to spread hugs, love and laughter, because life should be overflowing with all the good things. Which is exactly what you were mom. All. Good. Things. Thank you for that. Missing you ❤️♥️ - Your Punky

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