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I Got Snacks from Japan!

The BOKKSU - JAPANESE SNACKS BOX will fill your heart with a warm autumn feeling and leave you wanting more. Since traveling to Japan is kinda off the table this year, Bokksu brings Japan to you! I was absolutely blown away by how many snacks they packed in here. Most sample boxes tend to feel under-filled but Bokksu definitely knows how to pack a box to the rim.

Starting off with the Pure Gummy Petite Grape snack I was absolutely in love with how fresh and fruity it tasted. I didn't get the taste of high fructose, but of all natural sweetness!

Secondly, I don't know about you but I have never had a chocolate sweet potato cookie and it would certainly not be the first thing I’d grab off the shelf, but the Blanchul Mini Chocolate: Anno Imo Sweet Potato, opened up a whole new world into a naturally sweet dessert snack for me. I loved it’s unique flavor!

The pure potato chips definitely covered the salty side of things, adding such a rich and flavorful potato chip, that also included lingering Umami notes.

Luckily this box came with 2, Smile Harvest Savory Sesame Biscuit packets, and they are my absolute favorite thing to eat with a cup of tea. They are light, thin and are flavored with just enough sesame and sweetness for the perfect snack.

I tend to avoid lattes that come in a package, but I will admit that the Hoshino Hojicha Latte packet surprised me with it's amazing nutty and caramel balance, which was perfect when stirred into a nice cup of hot water. Lattes at home have a whole new vibe now.

I'm aware that when you get boxes from a different country sometimes all the snacks aren't going to exactly hit your tastebuds the way you would like, but Bokksu found a way to get to my foodie heart! I enjoyed every single snack in this box and I can't say that about a lot of boxes!

This subscription box is 100% worth the purchase. It's like Christmas morning every time you open a new snack from this wonderful box. They obviously put a lot of thought into it and you can feel that from the second you open up and see it’s colorful delight of snacks.

Bokksu boxes also come with a wonderful pamphlet that gives you the ingredients and background of every single snack you get, as well as, a bio on the amazing maker of these delish treats. Hurry up and get Japan delivered straight to your door, it’ll be an adventure the whole family will enjoy. Thanks Bokksu!

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