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Give Yourself the Allowance to Fail

Today was a DAY, somewhat for myself, but mostly for those around me. Here's what my mind, burning the midnight oil, has come up with...

The creative process can take a toll on you, but I think we all must remember that even when we don't understand the outcome, it is our duty to keep making our work. You must remember that you were made to create, regardless of what follows. I think an allowance to fail, which you most certainly will, also allows you the discovery of unexpected successes. Those successes never would have presented themselves unless, at times, you hadn't boldly and/or, in some cases, spitefully gone towards the direction of trying to prove everybody wrong. In my opinion, whatever path takes you towards the point of creation, is a path worth taking.

I wish we all didn't care what the outcome may be in regards to putting ourselves out there, but we can choose to say "Fuck it! This is what I've made today world, take it or leave it, I'm sticking by it". We can choose to have vicious trust in what you make and as time goes by the outcome will mean less and less, because you'll know the failures only mean more discovery in what makes you, YOU. Eat it up, don't dismiss it. The packaged, pretty stuff is great, but all those shit turds make you authentic. They make you human. They remind you that you are in love with what you do, because if you weren't you'd give up right this second. But you won't, because deep down you know, you were made for this, regardless of the aftermath. Have an unwavering heart in whatever you do and life will gladly follow behind you.


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