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The Business of Being

Sometimes, you can’t know how harshly this biz affects you until you’ve hit the open road & Elton John comes on Spotify, which leads you to thinking about your next birthday and your increasing age in an ageless city. Then you think about how you need to be making more money if you ever want to progress to real adulting, yet at the same time all you want is to be able to get paid for the thousands of hours you spend creating content, writing and editing laughter for your audience. Then, for a moment, you think how real adulting can go fuck itself and if you run out of time, then you run out! At least you’ll be living life on your own “Follow your heart” kinda terms, right? Because there is no plan B when it comes to matters of the heart, there is only a plan of attack. One must attack daily, even when the exhaustion takes over, even when you don’t feel talented or funny enough. Even when you feel simply, broken. Life is a series of waves and sometimes the ride is an amazing one and other times you’re just straight up floating out there being like “Damn, why couldn’t I just have wanted to be ANYTHING else?” Then the tears come... Then you settle for a bit ... and wipe yourself up. THEN you’re like SCREW ALL THAT, IM F^&KING GREAT! Where’s my damn glitter!? I need to throw it in todays face! Because I am made for this and this is just another day!


#TaraErickson #IdiotArmy #Glitter

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