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Does True Love Exist or are People just Really Good at Settling?

So we’ve all seen people that are deliriously happy together. Sometimes its really gross to see, especially if you’re the person without the person holding your hand, while saying “Babe, you’re such a babe”. During which we are all thinking, “Yeah just wait a few more months for the sweatpants and tired nights to kick in. Sayonara babe land and welcome to average AF land.” Which is most certainly not factual, because there are people who have been together more than a decade and still feel like their partner is a total babe. BUT, maybe there are people who’s hearts have the capability to settle on being deliriously happy with someone and there are those who just don’t have the building blocks? Some who are just too worn? Some who are just good at settling?

In the quest for love, we all run into people with baggage, people who cant let go of an old flame, people who will never get past their past. People being people.

I suppose it’s whether the two who meet in the middle decide to only see what’s in front of them, including all their baggage, and say yes.


The ones who take a look at the load and still build a bridge of trust through all the darkness are truly the ones worth keeping. The ones who see you on your last leg, in sweatpants and are like, “I forgot it was sweatpants Tuesday, I’ll order us a large pizza, make us some fruity cocktail while we watch anything Tom Hanks is in and we don’t have to talk about if you don’t want to”. These are the ones who get it. These are the ones who would not be polished so brightly if it wasn’t for all the shit and storm that came before them. You would not be such a gem if it wasn’t for all those tears you shed in your work bathroom that taught you, you were worth more than what you were getting. Some of us just take longer to get there and that’s okay.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to put ourselves out there because the whole, “When ya know, ya know” is a catchphrase that has to exist for a reason. So yeah, some people might be settling out there, but we aren’t looking for that. We’re looking for days filled with hugs, love and laughter. We’re aiming for the shit they write about in Rom-Coms. I guess we’re all aiming for true love, it’s just a matter of who has enough grit to withstand the time to find it.

With that, I don’t think this type of journey can be gracefully taken without true love. A concentrated love that is not present because it doesn’t want to be left alone, but a love that’s there because your heart has no other desire. There’s no ulterior motive to loving, or a void you’re trying to rid of... it’s simply a force you cannot deny and so you cannot help but love the person in front of you. In that case, you’ll realize you were only settling all of your life until this moment. The moment where you realized true love does exist.


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