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Christmas with a Twist


The holidays are such a mix of fun and sadness, excitement and loneliness, joy and fear, smiles and blank stares. It can be bittersweet. Although it may make me cry to see a family through the window laughing around their Christmas tree and playing charades, the moment also brings a smile to my face. It reminds me of what the holidays used to be like. Mi Abuelita & I would always build a gingerbread house, which without fail, would always end up looking like a shack. We’d always play Pictionary and mi Abuelita would find tiny ways to cheat, by basically just whispering to my mom what she drew. 😅There would be a group of cousins, neighbors & significant others surrounding the tree who’d all realize they were never meant for the stage once charades would begin. It would begin early and end very late with Mi Abuelita forcing everyone to circle up and do the chicken dance. Yes, the chicken dance. Everyone looked like a bunch of idiots but it made her laugh. It was the kinda day you’d call, Christmas.

Should you have those days, no matter how trying family can be, lock down those memories so tightly and hold them close to your heart. Even if there comes a day where nothing is the same and your aunt starts crying when she looks at the little town of Solvang to say “Your Mom & my mom would have loved it here”, you’ll be able to say “I know and I’d like to think they’re seeing it now, right next to us.” Memories can be just like the holidays~ happy and sad, exciting and lonely, joyous and scary. But I charge you to keep those memories alive within you, because it will forever remind you that no matter what you do or who you end up with, Christmas will still be Christmas, just with a twist. AND TWISTS ARE A BLAST! IN A COCKTAIL AND AS A DANCE! It’s Christmas, with a twist! All the feels will be had in whatever way your body feels fit, so surround yourself with people who love you and whatever comes out, they’ll be the ones to hand you tissues, hugs or a cocktail with zero judgement. In that moment, even though it feels different, it’ll be just the kinda day you’ll call, Christmas...with a twist ♥️🎅🏽♥️❤️🎅🏽♥️🎅🏽❤️🎅🏽♥️♥️


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