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Carry Forward All the Pieces of Those Who Walked with You Before

Thank you to Sam for loving me unconditionally.

Thank you to Reed for showing me love is conditional.

Thank you to Aaron for showing me love is selfless.

Thank you to Brian for showing me love is selfish.

Thank you to Cory for showing me love is proven.

Thank you to Ed for showing me love is broken.

Thank you to Doc for showing me love is noble.

Thank you to all the ones that ran away before love could even be found. Your self-serving ego is no match for the compassion that you'd find here.

Theses breaks that we all try to avoid end up being the necessary evil that leads us out of a fragmented connection and into a spectacular alliance between our desires and what we actually require. We are sometimes completely unaware that we all, truly, require a safe love. We often sacrifice what's in our best interests, just to get a fraction of what we want, which more often leaves us unsatisfied. Life is too short to live without satisfaction.

Do not accept an inconsistent kind of love, because you are indeed, worth a love that's unchanging. People will grow and change with their love, being expressed in different ways, but the love you receive should not feel self serving. Carry forward all the pieces of those, who walked with you before, and illuminate a romance that is unstinting for those you have yet to encounter. A steadfast yearning to give more than what you've acquired will repay you in more ways than one. Be grateful for the broken hearts and injured words you've come by, because they've made you well informed. There is nothing standing in the way of an educated heart that knows what it deserves.

PS. All the names have been changed, because what each one thinks they gave me will inevitably be very different from what I felt I received. My heart knows what it felt and I shall leave theirs to feel it just the same.

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