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Being Vulnerable Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Why is being vulnerable such a weird thing? Someone said “You shouldn’t post sad stuff on Instagram” lol. But why though? Does it make you guys uncomfortable ? Is being honest, the thing that leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth?

If so, buy some gum.

Life can be sad, joyful and scary. It’s called being human. Humanity within all of us, no matter how different, should only unite not separate. One person is not made up of one emotion, from one moment. We are all a beautiful combination of the chaos that makes us, us.

Be thankful if you never experience sadness in the same way someone else does.

Be grateful if you can relate to someone’s sadness.

Be grateful that feelings are only passing moments and luckily there’s always a rainbow behind every rainfall.

Be you, because you’re the only one like it.

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