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A Release of Emotion

Okay so I want to remind you to spread hugs, love and laughter, because after a huge sigh of post election relief, fear and anxiety over having to look back inward at our lives, rather than the 24 hour news cycle, can take us by storm.

I’ve talked to friends who are so happy with the outcome of our election, but also still experiencing those down cast feelings that may be residing for so many other reasons. The feelings that were covered up with the excitement, stress and anxiousness over everything else.

There’s some people that still don’t have any friends who have been willing to meet up with them, and sometimes on the other end, people haven’t quite figured out how to reach out to friends after 7 months of a completely different life. That leaves a lot of people in a bit of a pickle, who really need others to relate to. I guarantee you there’s a lot who are sensing the exact same thing and what a world of difference it would make for them to be able to just chat with a friend about it.

This time of transition can also bring up new feelings of abandonment and rejection that are even harder to cope with, because we’re even further removed from people who made us feel appreciated and acknowledged. Our lives have been built on a heart-rending foundation these last 7 months that is really hard to escape from, because of a disease that’s stealing lives.

Now, if you’ve read my last blog you know how I feel about finding outdoor restaurants and parks to meet up with friends, because I feel like it absolutely necessary for us to have some face to face time, while still being safe. With that, there’s a lot who may not agree and think staying home is their best option and I cannot argue with that. We need to support the safety of others in whatever way we can, so if you can only zoom with some of your friends for the next year, then do that. If there’s others that are willing to meet up, go look into a friend's eyes and I swear it’ll change those despondent thoughts into hopeful ones, because your heart will simply beat differently when you see a friend IRL vs. behind a computer screen. That’ simply a fact.

This is the scary part about the new world. Even though we can go to outdoor restaurants and meet people, there’s still so many who feel isolated and discouraged and it is our job to make sure we don’t let it get to a point where they think being here, on this earth, no longer matters.

Some of you haven’t gone without having someone there with you at all times. There are others who go days without someone asking them how they are. Yes, I hear you, “That’s what therapy is for!”, but I’m talking day to day. Be weary of those who live alone or are wildly independent, those little bumpkins may need an extra bump of love. Also, there may be others who live with people who, for lack of a better word, suck, and in that case they also need an extra bump of love. Oh screw it, we all need it right now whether you’re married, single, divorced, happy AF or just chillin.

I say, we celebrate this win for humanity and while we are doing it, don’t forget to celebrate the friends and people around you. Everyone needs those hugs, love and laughter! Remind them that whenever a storm approaches there is always a rainbow waiting around the corner to remind us all, a ray of light can be found amidst the darkness.

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